The Apothecary tried to find the best skin care products possible for the clients of her spa and to heal her own acne-prone skin.   When nothing worked well enough, she developed skin care products for herself, her family and her clients that would.  This led her to using only natural ingredients that would truly nourish the skin.  She sold these products through her spa and was overwhelmed by the positive response from her clients.  Over time, she has worked to refine these products.  Her dedication and patience has produced products that we truly believe to be unmatched by anything else on the market today.           

The Entrepreneur grew up with a mom who was chemically sensitive.  This forced her to use truly natural products from an early age.  As a lover of high quality, luxurious goods that work, she was rarely impressed by what was available.  Fuelled by a love of building businesses and relationships, a desire for something better and an unwillingness to settle, she created Apothecary Lane.                 

The name, Apothecary Lane, was carefully chosen to convey our approach.  The formula of each of our products is unique.  We never use a generic base or fillers.  Our ingredients are not only chosen for the benefit to your skin but how each ingredient interacts with each other always with a focus on nourishing the skin.   The concentration of our formulas is high.  We feel this approach is similar to those of an apothecary from a time when things were crafted with a high level of care.  We hope that lane will conjure up images of nature.                                                                                         

As our company has grown, we have added more people who each bring something unique.  Over time, we hope to build this to a friendship of many. 

We will always strive to approach everything we do with grace and respect including the relationships with our customers, our team, our products, our suppliers and the earth. 

All of our products are made to add something beneficial to the skin and never strip your skin of its own healing qualities.