The skin has the extraordinary ability to heal itself.  Your skin care products should help to facilitate that regenerative process not inhibit it.  The nutrients and oils necessary for skin are found in nature from plants, herbs and flowers.  Most synthetic ingredients are made to mimic what is found in plants.  Highly concentrated plant ingredients provide a powerful way to facilitate and support the body’s own innate healing abilities.


Purity and Integrity

All of our ingredients are of exceptional quality and of uncompromising purity and freshness.  Apothecary Lane uses only the highest grade, ethically and sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients available.


Truly Unique Formulas

We start with a skin problem that needs a solution and search out the very best ingredients available that will yield the most dramatic results. Each and every ingredient is beneficial and biocompatible with your skin and has a specific purpose delivering targeted results. Each of our formulas, have been extensively tested and have taken up to years to develop. We do not outsource, use any generic fillers or premade bases.


Unsurpassed Potency

All of our formulas contain an unprecedentedly high concentration of active ingredients. We use absolutely no fillers in our products which makes them incredibly stable and loaded with only ingredients that benefit your skin.