Cream (18) Serum // Light Moisturizer
Cream (18) Serum // Light Moisturizer

cream (18) serum // light moisturizer


Cream (18) Serum is a light moisturizer that absorbs easily and contains healing qualities that soothe, hydrate and brighten the skin.  It is especially good for those with sensitive or oily skin.             

Our products are completely natural so color and texture may vary.             


Moisten skin with a little water and then apply a small amount of cream.  Allow 5 minutes to absorb.  This product is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.

For best results, exfoliate regularly with our rejuvenating scrub.  This removes dead skin allowing the moisturizer to fully penetrate the skin.


"The best products I have tried by far. Love it all!  The moisturizers are not too heavy, blend easily, and no shine. The scrub is great too for once a week polish.  I can't get enough!"                                                                       Maura H.